Digital Solutions for 70:20:10


Learning on the job is fast becoming a way of life. It is often said that the best training approaches are shaped by combining formal and informal techniques for the most successful performance outcomes. The 70:20:10 learning and development model says that 70% of our learning comes from on-the-job experiences, 20% comes from our relationships with other people and only 10% comes from formal training classes.




The above visual is sourced from Deakin University, Melbourne.

Recent research conducted by Towards Maturity  and Charles Jennings and published in the article 70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers suggests that using 70:20:10 model is linked to improved organizational performance. Organizations using this approach report that they are:

  • 4x as likely to report that they are responding faster to business change
  • 3x more likely to report an improvement in staff motivation
  • 2x more likely to use performance support tools

To find out more about the 70:20:10 model in practice, we invite you to watch our latest video, delivered by Eleni Iatridis, Chief Learning Officer at Assima, where she shares a real-life case study, "Digital Solutions for 70:20:10". You will learn how one organization applied innovative tools and tactics for critical learning and performance support in support of their global Salesforce rollout.

Watch the video now:



Here's another case study about how one company utilized on the job CRM training to reduce helpdesk calls by 80%, keeping Customer Service Representatives up to date from Day 1 and reducing overall operational costs.

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