The world's only authoring tool powered by a patented cloning technology

Book a Demo Ditch the screenshots. With our unique patented technology you can easily create hyper-realistic simulations. Instantly.

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What makes Assima a game-changer?

With our patented cloning technology, creating hyper-realistic simulations is as simple as taking screenshots. No IT required. Maintaining lessons is exponentially faster.

Static Screenshot vs Hyper realistic simulation

“Wow” users with immersive, confidence boosting learning experiences

Provide a safe environment for users to practice and make mistakes without consequences. Users learn by doing and build their skills and confidence quickly. Once in the live version, muscle memory kicks in. No one wastes time overwhelmed with your applications.


Faster onboarding time


Faster content delivery

Maintain content without starting from scratch

Every time there’s an update, content creators are forced to recapture and edit a new set of screenshots. This creates an exponentially larger pile of menial work. With Assima, they can update content with 10 times fewer screen captures and roll it globally in a few clicks.

Unlock substantial savings by replacing your sandbox

Assima frees your IT team from the risks, costs, and headaches of maintaining a dedicated training environment. No more time wasted creating dummy data and performing data refreshes.


Saved in training costs

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Deploy risk-free training across teams in record time

Translate, anonymize and adapt your training to local differences seamlessly. Deliver up-to-date training faster than ever before across geographically dispersed teams.

Fully interactive

Users can click, scroll and enter data into fields like they would in the real system.

Guardrails in place

Unlike a sandbox, training is focused. Learners digest content in the right sequence without getting lost.

Directly Editable

Content creators can edit user interface elements without any risk to your production system.

Patented authoring tool

Create high-impact
training in record-time

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Enhance your training with
performance support

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