How one organization solved their global Salesforce training challenges with an innovative 70:20:10 solution

Are you a Learning Manager, CLO, or Learning Professional trying to make sense of the latest new learning models and digital learning technologies? Wondering what these all mean in practice and how you can apply them to your organization?

Watch this video from Learning Technologies Summer Forum, where we share a real-life case study of 70:20:10, and see how Assima applied innovative tools and tactics to their global Salesforce rollout.

Faced with the challenge of reaching a multi-national audience, widely dispersed, with little time or attention for training, hear how Assima blended digital technologies and carefully crafted learning models, to attain the rapid and long-term adoption of their new Salesforce system.

About our speaker:

Eleni Iatridis

Eleni Iatridis
Chief Learning Officer, Assima

Eleni is Assima’s Chief Learning Officer and a vibrant participant in the technology learning e-space. She is passionate about learning and plays an active part in raising the industry’s standards through TPMA and CEdMA, as well as ensuring her organization retains LPI Accredited Status year after year. Technology is at the core of her activities. She is a certified online learning facilitator (COLF), an effective eLearning design champion and a practitioner of the 5 Moments of Need© methodology to aid learning and end user performance in the workplace.

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