toppage Assima benefits life cycle, Assima is here. We have a solution for you.   Book a demo No matter where you are in the User Adoption

Train users with the world’s only Cloning technology

Allows you to train employees faster, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Assist users with real-time Digital Coach

Recommends next best action, reduce errors and increase revenues.

Collaborate for increased productivity

Facilitate communication with our company-wide collaboration platform.

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Accelerate User Adoption

at any point of the lifecycle


Ensure Compliance

with local regulations

Assima's Benefits Icon Learning on the go

Learning on the Go

Bite-size, right-size recommendations

Data Anonymization

Help users learn faster, without risk
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Decrease Support Calls

by reducing data entry errors


Reduce Cost

of maintaining dedicated training systems

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Multi-Language & Localization

Deploy content by language and location

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Maintain Data Privacy & Integrity

while training thousands of employees


Less Help Desk Calls


Less Help Desk Calls


Cost Reduction

Here’s how Assima will help your business


Digital Transformation

Our solutions help you build your digital future by training your employees better, faster. Our patented cloning technology can make user-adoption a reality by creating a lifelike clone of your application screen that behaves and reacts like the live system.

Online Customer Care

Decrease  the help desk calls by 85% by reducing the data entry errors using our Digital Adoption Platform that recommends the next based action based on the user’s role, system location and live context. All in real-time, at the point of need.


Software Implementation

Assima’s patented technology can clone any application to provide an anonymized simulation environment identical to the live system, therefore, making it faster and easier to remove sensitive operational and customer data before delivering training.

Employee Training & Onboarding

Training is a non-reimbursable expense and cost-driver. Our patented cloning technology can easily reduce training time and the overall cost of support. That’s real, measurable cost savings!


Employee Productivity

Employees have all the benefits of learning in your live system, without the risks of mistakes. Our digital assistant reduces in-application errors and compliance risk, training time, cost of support, as well as the increase in revenue. Henceforth, fostering employee satisfaction.

Assima AI-powered Digital Coach

Digital Adoption Platform

Turn your employees into Super-employees and increase revenue while reducing in-app errors, compliance risk, training time and cost of support.

Assima- What makes clones so unique?

Unique patented Cloning Technology

Our unique patented cloning technology creates a lifelike clone of your application screen that behaves and reacts like the live system. This allows your users to experience hands-on training in a simulated environment.

Train employees faster, improve performance,
reduce costs and increase revenues.

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