Artificial Intelligence helps Healthcare workers save lives

Artificial Intelligence helps Healthcare workers save lives


An AI powered digital agent that helps hospital staff work smarter and faster in their information systems


When my husband went to hospital after a heart attack, he was moved from service to service and seen by more nurses and doctors than we can remember. Though he received outstanding care, it all seemed like an overcomplicated and disorganized machine, especially when different nurses would provide contradicting information, or worse, not know what drug dosage to administrate. “Is everything not stored in the database” I enquired?

According to an article published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics [1], medication errors are common in hospitals and a popular approach is to introduce technology such as Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE). Though, paradoxically, they found that a considerable proportion of reported errors and incidents were in fact induced by technology itself.


Healthcare technology


How can we help reduce errors that can put patients’ lives at risk? How can we make sure technology benefits clinicians rather than hinder them?

Assima Assist platform, combined with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence offers a range of solutions that augment employees and help professionals in key markets across the world to do more, better and faster in their information systems.

Assist is an intelligent overlay that sits on top of applications and recognizes a user’s screen, system context and collects live data from the screen. Integrating IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, Assist pushes relevant, personalized suggestions, responses and recommendations to help users get the maximum from their system and data.

What can Assima with Watson do?
Creating the Smarter Employee - read the IBM case study

Assima is now offering solutions specifically designed for the Healthcare industry and here are concrete examples of how an AI powered digital agent can help:

  • Automatic queries from multiple external databases about drugs properties and dosage
  • Automatic detection and flagging of drugs incompatibilities
  • Prioritization of prescriptions to help pharmacist focus on critical ones
  • Just-in-time notification to the right person of attention-needed lab results


Assima With Watson healthcare


Our solution means greater accuracy processing patient data, better decisions, faster, allowing more time for patient care in large hospitals and health organizations, ultimately saving lives.

With this solution, we are honored to be selected for the Build phase of the IBM WatsonBuild Challenge 2018.  After finishing 2nd in Europe in the 2017 challenge, we are seriously hoping to go all the way this year. Because the greatest wealth is health. Because it concerns us all.

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solene kremerSolene Kremer

Learning Lead, Assima

Solene delivers global learning at Assima. Her mission is to raise the standards of learning and performance programs that actually improve the way people do their jobs. Solene was previously recognized for excellence in the field with the LPI Silver Award for Trainer of the Year.



[1]: N.R. Samaranayakea, S.T.D. Cheungb, W.C.M. Chuib, B.M.Y. Cheunga: Technology-related medication errors in a tertiary hospital: A 5-year analysis of reported medication incidents. International Journal of Medical Informatics 81 (2012) 823 833