Leverage Salesforce to Create Powerful Business Value

You’ve implemented Salesforce – a customizable, state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) solution – to fit your business needs. However, you’re struggling to see the end-user benefits and achieve the necessary ROI to justify the application investment. Your users have various training and support needs depending on their experience, work patterns and job roles within the company. The initial Salesforce training addressed the knowledge gaps within your workforce, but how do you continue the learning process after the system goes live? More importantly, how do you offer the right level of support and assistance at the time of need to your varied user base to ensure your team enables the application ROI you are missing?

Vimago from Assima offers the answer. As part of a suite of solutions, Vimago Assist provides an intelligent overlay within your Salesforce system that provides step-by-step online contextual guidance in the live application. Vimago reduces the time to competency for your users, applies standard practices across the application, and expels any gaps in your data. This approach benefits your employees, as well as the company as a whole, helping you maximize your investment in Salesforce.

Company Benefits

Providing a high level of assistance within Salesforce goes beyond ensuring a competent workforce. Vimago removes the need for constant training and development of your users when new features and practices are implemented – the push notifications ensure end-users are kept up-to-date and the training takes place within Salesforce. This ultimately creates extensive cost, resource and time savings as learning and development efforts are significantly curtailed.

Using Vimago’s in-application guidance creates a quality assurance mechanism, invaluable for using Salesforce effectively across a variety of business units. Data stored within Salesforce will be of higher quality, ensuring more effective operations, increased customer satisfaction, and higher ROI for the business.

End-User Benefits

Your users are at the heart of your Salesforce implementation. An effective workforce allows your organization to make the best use of the application and achieve maximum ROI. Providing consistent in-application digital training and performance support, based on the unique user and their needs, is the best way to keep your teams engaged and effective – a requirement to generate value around critical enterprise applications.

Step-by-step guidance is an invaluable asset for your new users as well, who might need more support when completing a process in Salesforce. Contextual guidance can also be used by more experienced users as memory aids when performing complicated and infrequent tasks.

Additionally, Vimago can be used to push important messages about updates and changes within Salesforce to your workforce. Those can be targeted, so an end-user will only receive the information that is relevant to their function or role. Vimago allows you to keep your end-users engaged and informed at all times, without the need to leave the application. Administrators can also leverage real-time edit and publication capabilities to enable the organization to adapt to change quickly and easily.

Learn More: Watch Our Short Salesforce Video

Our Salesforce demo video highlights how instructional guides can be set up with Vimago to assist users through business processes, offering as much or as little support as needed. This results in reduced training time, improved user confidence and a user base focused on best practices.

Watch it now to understand how Vimago can drive your expensive application investment to its full potential for maximum business value.



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