How to reduce your SAP training costs by £3million with online training

Your investment in SAP, like all large ERP systems is huge. The total cost of required software and services can range dramatically depending on the size of your company, the scale of the implementation and the particular software chosen. You want your new ERP implementation to be a resounding success so it is vital that a detailed training program is in place to ensure your users get the most out of your new system.

A training client is often used to introduce the new SAP system to users. This training environment is ideal for training staff on a new application as it is designed to replicate the live system they will be using. Users get to practise in a hands-on practical way, which provides an active learning experience and increases learning retention. The challenge with training clients is their extreme cost, derived from the time and resources needed to set up and maintain them. Additionally, change to systems and processes occur frequently and the training client is often not kept current so there is a disconnect between the live system functionality and that of the training client.


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"We've saved £3 million by replacing our SAP training client with Assima, and that figure doesn't even account for the fact that we need far fewer trainers now and that the training is faster and more efficient"

Andy Hurren, Head of Learning, npower 


Npower, a large energy company in the UK, wanted to use the traditional approach of a training client to provide active learning for their SAP deployment but they found their training costs were very high. “Our training client cost millions to build and maintain, and we had a team of more than 140 trainers at one point which was a major cost center for the project,” said Andy Hurren, Head of Learning. “We knew we needed to find a new, more efficient, cost-effective way to deliver systems training on an ongoing basis, while also delivering a better training experience for new members of staff.”

Andy was introduced to the  Assima Training Suite solution which allowed him to train new staff on his SAP system without the astronomical cost of building and maintaining an SAP training client. The Assima Training Suiteworks by cloning core applications like SAP, Salesforce and other ERP and CRM systems, and builds training modules to guide end-users through key tasks and processes. Andy commented that "the Assima training modules look and feel exactly the same as the live SAP application, which means team members can learn by doing. There’s no need to maintain the clones with live data from the SAP systems which saves a lot of time and we can update training materials quickly and easily to reflect any changes in the live system.”

The most notable results npower has achieved by using Assima are:

  • £3 million savings by implementing the Assima Training Suite  as opposed to developing an SAP training client and maintaining it over three years.
  • Nearly 50% reduction in the on-boarding times for new contact center staff, decreased from 33 days with traditional classroom training to just 18 days with blended training from Assima.
  • Dramatic increase in user experience and training retention. Staff can practice what they learn in the classroom, in a safe environment that looks exactly the same as the live system, increasing confidence and helping employees remember what they learned much more effectively.
  • 80% reduction in staffing requirements for new projects.

To find out more about how the Assima software has revolutionized npower's training approach view our on demand webinar.

Assima software also significantly reduces the time needed to train employees.  Read a success story to see how the Assima Training Suite solution saved 30% training time.