ERP learning helped reduce training cost and increase user adoption


  • Replace an old ERP CGA (Siebel) system
  • Have a solution that is quick and efficient
  • The ability to manage all subscribers details in one system


  • Assima Cloning and Digital Assistant Suite
  • Interactive eLearning solution for the end-users
  • Seven training modules jointly developed by Canal+ & Bearing point


  • Cost reduction
  • Training modules available at all times
  • Fast user adoption

The Group’s training department wanted the project to be as efficient as possible. This implied the need for an eLearning solution that could be implemented within the project deadline and updated easily.

Laurent Lanoe
Canal+ Project Manager


Before switching to Assima’s solutions, training delivery was entirely classroom-based and PowerPoint generated. Besides the huge costs associated with this method in terms of paper and staff workdays, it became apparent that users were not being trained optimally. The challenge was to have access to all subscriber records through the use of Siebel ERP, to which the Client Relations Center was connected.


The existing ERP CGA system was over 10 years old and needed to evolve into a much faster and efficient tool. The new system change needed to take into account the need to manage exchanges with the subscribers.

Canal+ entrusted the task of finding the best solution to BearingPoint. It is within this setup that BearingPoint chose Assima and its Assima Training Suite solution to train end-users on Siebel.

The development of the seven training modules was done jointly by the Canal+ training department and BearingPoint. The end-users went from classroom-based training to an interactive eLearning solution. The benefits of this method were a pleasant look and feel, a user-friendly tool, and easily accessible information.

“The changeover to the new system was very well accepted by the end-users, who found the Assima solution flexible and reliable,” explained Laurent Lanoe. “We can confirm that 100% of Siebel users have been optimally trained using ATS. There is no doubt that the solution’s main strengths are the tool’s flexibility, interactivity, and the support received from Assima consultants.”

Lanoe adds, “I believe that the ROI meets our original objectives. The success of the training rollout is undeniable.”

The teaching method is very consistent. The users have mastered the application well, and we have noticed a real reduction in the time it takes for users to be trained and feel comfortable using the tool.

Laurent Lanoe
Canal+ Project Manager

Results and Benefits

Canal+ and BearingPoint will finish the Siebel 7.8 rollout to permanently replace the ERP CGA. The goal is a complete and efficient training system that guarantees an optimal level of training for all users; internal users, as well as external contracted users (South African call center). High-quality training and standardized information are available to all employees, regardless of their location.

The Assima Suite helped Canal+ save precious time. The look and feel and user-friendly aspect of the seven modules have enabled users to be instantly at ease with their new tools and competent in their daily tasks.

Train employees faster, improve performance, reduce costs and increase revenues.

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