Leading Dutch Retailer

Leading Dutch Retailer

Industry: Retail
Region: Europe
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Leading Dutch retailer supports major SAP rollout with Assima to save training time and reduce costs by $600,000

A leading Dutch discount store recently rolled out SAP across its business. The first stage of the deployment went smoothly but many end-users struggled to adapt to the technology change, leading to concerns that key processes may be negatively impacted. To address this issue a structured SAP training program was built for end-users being migrated onto the new platform.

They used Assima to train several thousand employees and outsourcing partners rapidly and efficiently in multiple countries. The Assima Training Suite was used to clone their live SAP logistics system and create more than 150 realistic, interactive training exercises. Assima Assist provides ongoing, in-application support for the organization’s SAP users, and Assima Analyze provides an auditable record of employees’ progress through the training exercises.


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With Assima, there is no need for expensive stand-alone training systems; training content can be developed, updated and localized quickly and cost effectively.

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