Assima secures second patent for leading edge cloning technology

Assima secures second patent for leading-edge cloning technology

London, November 12th, 2015 - Assima is pleased to announce that following its patent filed in 2006 to protect its unique cloning technology, the US Patent Office has awarded a new patent (US PTO – 13/834,459). This patent covers both a new and improved cloning method, allowing the creation and easy maintenance of unrivalled training sandbox systems, and the re-use of the same principles for in-application screen context detection, which is at the core of the Vimago Assist technology.

Vimago Assist is a cloud-based solution, delivering enterprise value far beyond those provided by more classical electronic Performance Support Systems, in the same way that software cloning technology represented a paradigm shift from screen copy-based software simulation.

It’s an exciting time right now at Assima”, said Michel Balcaen, Chairman at Assima. “This new patent represents our focus to continually introduce innovative capabilities and functionality in our products, providing our customers with ground-breaking technology and some of the most advanced solutions available in the market today.”


About Assima

Assima’s solution, Vimago, helps large organizations improve user performance and business efficiency.

Vimago’s Four Pillars of Improvement enable our clients to train better, assist better, collaborate better and analyze better:

  • Train Better with a highly realistic, virtual, interactive training environment

  • Assist Better with an intelligent overlay that adds information, process guidance and business improvements at the point of need on the job

  • Collaborate Better through a cloud-based, collaborative, multi-device knowledge management platform

  • Analyze Better by monitoring all usage by end-users and application activity supporting detailed analytics

Vimago by Assima is a CAMSS solution that supports the 70:20:10 model for improving user performance and ultimately providing a better customer experience.

Assima supports its global blue-chip client base through its consulting services divisions from direct operations in 12 countries in Europe, North America and Africa and through strategic partnerships with consulting companies.

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