Change Management Process & Tools that Empower Disruption Leaders

Digital tools are invading our daily life and business environment, including significant changes in the way we work, communicate and learn. This has given rise to new opportunities and challenges, while triggering the digital transformation of enterprises - often through change management processes and tools.

We believe that digital transformation is first a business transformation. People, not only technology, are one of the most important pieces in the digital transformation puzzle.

Using change management processes, digital transformation can improve user adoption of your new processes as well as the enterprise applications deployed as part of your change management process.

Training users to a new process and system, especially in IT change management, can be challenging: lack of time, lack of budget, lack of qualified trainers, and more.

Change Management Tools

Assima offers a disruptive approach and digital training model that is proven among Fortune 500companies to improve the user experience and increase business efficiency while accelerating user adoption in change management processes.

Vimago, by Assima, sits alongside business-critical applications via a seamless integration. The solution provides process guidance and assistance to the right user at the right time, on the job, within the application.  This assistance:

  • Delivers end-user support at the point-of-need
  • Provides role-based training and guidance
  • Ensures extra assistance at trouble spots
  • Explains changes to fields or new options available
  • Adds tips or explanations to improve user understanding and performance

Digital training and performance support also improves data quality to reduce rework of data entry, mitigate the risk to your business of incorrect transaction processing, improve governance by notifying end-users of regulation changes, and record tracking information to improve compliance.

On top of reducing or even eliminating sandbox costs, training digitalization with our change management tools allows you to track user performance and prevent errors, thanks to a cognitive assistant that guides users to their next best action.

To find out more, we invite you to download our white paper on how to Facilitate Enterprise ROI Through Learning Digitalization

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