How immersive digital learning saves millions in training costs and delivers better training, faster and more efficiently.

npower, one of the UK’s leading energy companies faced a major training challenge when they migrated their mission-critical enterprise systems to SAP and had 4,500 people of differing abilities to train on the new system. Because Npower had no digital training capabilities and no functional learning management system everyone had to be trained in classrooms using a traditional training client, which was both time consuming and extremely costly.

Npower needed to find a new, more efficient, cost effective way to deliver systems training on an ongoing basis, while also delivering a better training experience for new staff members.

To revolutionize their training approach, they used cloning technology from Assima. Thus providing users with a highly interactive training environment reducing the reliance on classroom training events and the associated high cost system infrastructure.

Andy Hurren FLPI, Head of Learning at npower said “Here was a system that would allow me to train staff on SAP without the astronomical cost of building and maintaining an SAP training client, Assima really was the answer to our prayers”.

Npower’s story was presented at The Learning Technologies 2018 Exhibition, Europe’s biggest organizational and technology-supported learning event. Andy Hurren FLPI, Head of Learning at npower revealed how npower benefited from:

  • Cost savings of £3 million vs. traditional training client
  • New starter on boarding reduced from 33 days to 18 days
  • New training programs delivered with 80% less staff
  • Enhanced learning experience and accelerated system uptake using blended eLearning
  • Training content updated quickly and easily to reflect changes in the live system

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