Increase SAP Business Efficiency with Digital Transformation Technologies

Technology plays a major role in learning. It’s a fact we can’t ignore. Traditional classroom environments are evolving into virtual learning booths with tablets, smartphones and apps becoming part of our daily life.  People have the ability and tools to learn anytime, anywhere. It is certainly true that technologies are driving the creation of new business models and digital eco-systems.

Digital learning makes the learning experience more fun, engaging and simpler so you can understand why it’s so popular. Learning journeys can be personalized, interactivity makes learning social and training pass rates are often higher.

But now companies are starting to accelerate their digital learning journey. It’s important to remain agile and to keep improving and increasing performance and knowledge, in order to stay ahead of the game. Users need to be engaged, interested and creating value, whilst courses and learning need to be readily accessible. Recommendations on next steps need to be available so users can get the most out of their learning journey. 

Research shows that with classroom based learning, 70% of the information is forgotten within 24 hours*. Interestingly, over 70% of knowledge is acquired through experience on the job**. 

Companies like Assima help large organizations accelerate user performance using digital transformation technologies. Intelligent, contextual processes guide SAP users to the recommended next action by pushing personalized, relevant content to them at their moment of need. This also reduces the likelihood of errors and increases overall data quality.

Watch short videos on how to increase SAP users’ productivity:

  •           Avoid data errors and increase data quality in SAP
  •           Optimize data and process governance in SAP
  •           Increase SAP users’ agility thanks to an online intelligent overlay delivering process guidance

Digital learning is the way forward, learners want to receive personalized relevant information on demand – at the moment of need, in context.


Assima & IBM Offer Digital Transformation Technologies for SAP

Assima, 2016 IBM double award winner works side by side with IBM to offer SAP digital transformation strategy services. User experience is at the heart of all change management programs as well as the processes and technology needed to make the learning journey and project a success. Embedded, advanced, cognitive analytics are used to improve end-user performance on enterprise applications by providing an intelligent overlay containing information, process guidance and recommended actions.

Together IBM and Assima improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of SAP applications including SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP HCM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, SAP PLM and SAP HANA, by providing an intelligent overlay containing information, process guidance and recommended actions. This gives better usage of the application, improved data quality, faster adoption for new users and improved communications to end-users.

Together IBM & Assima simplify and accelerate end-user performance and user engagement along their business transformation journey with SAP. 


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 * The Forgetting Curve

** The 70/20/10 Model