Training is not
a one-off event
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Intelligent overlay on your live application

Assima’s Digital Adoption Platform helps users get the answers they need, prevent mistakes, and work at peak efficiency every day.

Assima Employee Training Software
Assima answers on the job employee training

Answers on-the-job

Users are never stuck on unfamiliar tasks. They receive guidance at the point of need.

assima role based notifications employee learning training software

Role-based notifications

Users receive the latest notices and updates without leaving the application.

Assima Employee Training Technology

Instant data validation

Users can navigate your system confidently, knowing that critical inputs are instantly double-checked.

Assima empower users employee training interactive LMS

Empower users to become self-sufficient

Provide step-by-step guides to train users on how to complete tasks from A to Z. Documentation can be retrieved from one central location in seconds.

assima employee training software interactive systems learning

Keep everyone in the loop without interruptions

Notify end users of changes in regulations, compliance, processes, application updates – at the point of need. Remind users of must-do actions they need to perform inside and outside your applications.

Assima reduce errors improve workflow employee training software

Reduce errors, improve your workflow

Our instant data validation feature double-checks critical inputs against a range of databases as soon as they are entered.

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