End of the Road with Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)?

by Apr 23, 2020Articles

Migrate to Assima before Oracle withdraws its support for User Productivity Kit (UPK) in 2022.


About Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)

The Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) was brought to the market in the early 2000s. Its objective was to provide a development environment that allowed authors to create system related training material to be used to improve end-user knowledge of Oracle business systems. 

Since then, many companies throughout the world have invested heavily in creating UPK Content to train their end-users, not just on Oracle applications but also on many other business applications.

In January 2018, Oracle announced the withdrawal of Support for UPK with no further development or major feature releases following their 12.1 version. However, due to customer push back, they subsequently announced, in July 2018, to extend Premier Support for UPK to December 2022. With customers now looking at only 1 final year of full maintenance, there is a more urgent need to migrate off this platform if companies want to retain the years of investment in the knowledge they have captured of their systems processes.

Why choose Assima?

Assima has created a migration path for these customers. Oracle UPK source lessons can be imported into the Assima Cloud Platform and continue to be edited and published in the Train Lite module. The published material can be consumed by end-users via the Assima Cloud Platform or traditional Scorm upload to your existing LMS. 

Here is a link to a video showing how easy this process is https://bit.ly/2zhnaxe

The benefit of this approach is that customers’ investment in the many lessons is retained.

The UPK product is what is called a screenshot simulator. It captures pictures of screens of system processes and turns them into e-learning content. Assima’s Cloud environment provides this functionality using a more advanced method known as cloning,  that allows your users to experience hands-on training in a simulated environment.

The full Assima Cloning module doesn’t capture pictures, it captures the screens as data objects from the user interface and rebuilds them in a digital environment that truly simulates the live application. You can capture from UAT and create training data, or from live systems and anonymize the data captured. You can even create the content in multiple languages without the need to capture again. Many customers save money with the replacement of training clients, create content quicker, roll out multilingual training cheaper, and quicker than with normal screenshot technology. 

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Also, Assima has created an  Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS). Assima Assist is an intelligent overlay on top of your production application. This gives end-users a self-supporting environment where they can ask and get help such as step by step process guidance, unique context recognition to push targeted messages, checks, and alerts to users directly as they work in their live critical business applications. Additionally, it can ensure best practice is carried out and can add Artificial Intelligence features and RPA functionality to improve data quality, speed up processes, and reduce errors. 

Oracle UPK customers who move to the Assima Cloud Platform can choose to benefit from both the Assima Cloning and Assima Digital Coach technologies.

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