Industry: Paint & Chemicals
Region: Global
Assima Solution: Assima Training Suite / Assima Performance Suite

Global chemical, paint and industrial coating leader AkzoNobel developed and launched a new version of its professional paint mixing application, Mixit Pro, with the goal of enhancing relationships with thousands of existing customers and winning new market share. Used by both sales staff and customers, this application ensures manufacturers order and mix the right paints from AkzoNobel every time, reducing the risk of costly production delays and enhancing the quality of finished products.

After evaluating training solutions from 10 companies, AkzoNobel chose to deploy Assima Training Suite (ATS). This eliminated the need for multiple training clients by capturing clones of an application’s interface and creating centrally stored, fully interactive, multilingual training exercises that are fast and simple to update and maintain.


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Many things are very simple to do in the Assima software; but it’s also very powerful and you can do very complex things with a slightly longer learning curve. ATS is the most powerful, full-featured software on the market for capturing business processes and placing them in the hands of your people.

Michael Kuntz