Industry: Electric Utility
Region: France
Assima Solution: Assima Training Suite (ATS)

To increase global efficiency and provide staff access to the latest customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Engie initiated the project Calypso. This had two goals: to migrate the SAP solution from a mainframe system to a new service-oriented infrastructure, and to upgrade the existing SAP CRM version 4.0 environment to SAP CRM version 7.0, with SAP’s latest user interface: SAP ECC version 6.0. Because many of Engie’s mission-critical processes depend on the SAP CRM, the company needed to transition 4,000 internal and partner staff to the new release over a single weekend. The Engie training team had only two months to train them all.

The training team had the option to create learning materials by simply grabbing static screenshots from the new SAP applications. However, this would have been time consuming and could not provide hands-on, interactive training for staff. To overcome these challenges in the time available, Engie chose to train staff using the Assima Training Suite (ATS), which had already been used to train teams in other divisions of the company.


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37 interactive training exercises and a handbook were created for employees in just 75 worker days.

Siegried Jankowski