Industry: Telecommunications
Region: France
Assima Solution: Assima Training Suite (ATS)

SFR is one of the telecommunications operators that contributed to the explosion of the mobile phone market in France through innovative offers, jokey publicity and a nationwide sales network. And, as we all know, the more customers a company has (around 19 million at the beginning of 2008), the more likely that these same customers will at some point call customer service.

The company's customer relationship management (CRM) system needed to support customer service representatives (CSRs) to not only react quickly to a call, but also be totally familiar with the mobile device the customer is using. There are hundreds of different makes of mobile phones on the market -- so the SFR system goes beyond supporting a simple customer call.

The Assima Training Suite (ATS) was chosen for one simple reason: it was the most complete solution, and also the one that "immersed" users in their environment in the most convincing way.


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In order to train users and get them to accept our new CRM system, we were looking for a solution that was capable of being as close as possible to the ergonomics of the actual application.

Arjen Dijksman