Introducing Assima RTS: The most complete solution to drive user adoption remotely

by Jul 2, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the world for good. Remote work is here to stay.

 As a result, businesses are increasing user adoption at record speed to meet the demands of a decentralized workforce.

What does this mean for the future of software training?

  • Users will have to be onboarded on new applications remotely.
  • Businesses will have to make sure that training translates to performance when working offsite.
  • Employees will have to navigate systems without relying on colleagues
  • The push to fast-track software rollouts leads to more implementation risks.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce Assima Remote Training Solution – a user adoption platform specifically designed to help you thrive in the age of remote work.

What makes Assima perfectly positioned to launch a remote training solution?

For nearly two decades, our team has worked with 4 out of 10 of the Fortune 500 to drive user adoption at scale. 

Throughout this journey, we’ve mastered the ability to train thousands of employees remotely, in different locations and multiple languages. 

In other words, large-scale remote training isn’t new to us…it’s our calling card.

The culmination of all our successes, pitfalls and experience has helped us increase user adoption remotely for our clients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

To help you do the same, we’ve launched Assima Remote Training Solution (RTS).


Assima RTS: The most complete solution to drive user adoption remotely 

Bold claim isn’t it?

Assima RTS combines training and performance support into one. It covers your entire user adoption lifecycle.



What makes Assima RTS a truly complete user adoption platform? 

It allows you to translate remote training into increased user performance – without losing momentum.


By providing the most realistic training possible before go-live AND supporting each user on-the-job, your end users are granted 3 things:

1 – A very solid baseline familiarity with your applications.

2 – The ability to apply what they learned in training while working offsite – without any slump in productivity.

3 – The answers and confidence to complete tasks in your application in the most efficient way. 

This seamless transition between software training, day-to-day performance and business enhancements puts your company on the road to maximize its applications ROI.

Here’s how it works.

How does Assima RTS help me drive user adoption remotely?

Train your remote users more efficiently with life-like simulations

Start by delivering the most realistic training possible, from anywhere – 24/7.

Our 4x patented technology allows users to train in a guided interactive simulation of your software that looks and feels like the real thing – without any risk to your production system or confidential data



Users can click, scroll and interact with the simulation the same way they would do on your live application. 

This provides unparalleled realism to your training and reduces learning gaps. 

Bottom line: employees benefit from a focused, consistent, and immersive learning experience and become proficient quickly before go-live.

See our 4x patented technology in action

Empower employees to become self-sufficient

With remote work comes the challenge of replacing face-to-face communication. Employees used to be able to walk up to a colleague and ask questions.

They now have to be autonomous. Our Digital Assistant empowers your workforce to become self-reliant. 

It provides end-users with precise answers, continuously on-the-job. No need to depend on colleagues or call the help desk. This allows you to maintain peak efficiency regardless of where employees work from.

What’s more, it enables you to instantly communicate critical messages such as change management notices and compliance checks to your entire company. This keeps your users productive, engaged and informed at all times, without the need to constantly switch to email or a messaging app.


Guarantee every user mastered your processes

Tracking your user performance is all the more crucial in a remote setting. 

Assima RTS gives you full visibility over what each user is doing right and wrong in granular detail – down to every click and input field. Plus, you can track content usage: what’s being viewed, clicked, message pop-ups etc. This lets you reinforce best practices and pinpoint where day to day operations could be improved.


Mitigate the risks of fast-tracking software rollouts 

The pandemic has been a catalyst for faster software rollouts. According to the Agent of Transformation Report 2020: “74% of technologists report that projects which would typically take more than a year to be approved, have been signed off in a matter of weeks.” 

It prevents IT departments from planning and testing carefully and forces them to cut corners. This creates concerns over future-proofing and other implementation risks.

“76% of technologists express concern about the longer-term impact of digital transformation initiatives they have had to rush through during COVID-19.”

Agent of Transformation Report 2020

Assima RTS mitigate risks throughout your project lifecycle by removing the need to maintain a training client. You can deliver projects at a faster pace by eradicating security risk via data anonymization and by eliminating downtime for scalable virtual training.

Remote training isn’t a compromise, it’s an opportunity

Businesses everywhere are now gearing up to gain a competitive edge when the markets open. They are accelerating user adoption, retraining employees and revamping lessons. The companies with the foresight to invest in end-user user adoption and training programs now will reap massive benefits.

They will win in the post-pandemic world.

Drive user adoption remotely and win in the post-pandemic world

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