Oracle UPK: This isn’t the end of your journey. Make it a beginning.

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If you are an Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) user, you already know that Oracle will withdraw its support for this service in a few months and you are probably concerned about retaining the content captured of your systems processes.

With Assima, you don’t have to worry about the future of your UPK content as you can easily convert to Assima Train format and secure your content longevity. Without any knowledge of coding, UPK content can be created and imported, then published into Train modes for learning and guidance.  

Assima Train content can be deployed to the user community and can be accessed in a standalone web player, or through your existing LMS. Additionally, you can benefit from Assima’s application cloning technology to improve your content delivery, while leveraging other advantages of migrating to Assima.  

Additional information: Best software solution to migrate to before Oracle withdraws its support for UPK in 2022.

The table below illustrates the comparison between Assima and Oracle UPK.

Assima can do what UPK does.

And even more!

✔️ Can import UPK content❌ End of support 2022
✔️ Collaborative web-based authoring platform✔️ Single and Multi-user developer environment
✔️ Role-based content authoring and deployment✔️ Role based content filtering
✔️ Content locking when content in progress✔️ Content Check in / check out
✔️ Learning Modes: Demo, Practice, Evaluation, Sandbox✔️ Learning modes: See it, Try it, Know it, Do it
✔️ Guidance Modes: Online Help, Use Manual, Task Assistant, Synopsis✔️ Guidance modes: Print it, Test it (system process, job aid, test script)
✔️ Screenshot capture mode [Ctrl]✔️ Screenshot recording mode (PrtScr]
✔️ Capture alternative actions✔️ Record alternative actions
✔️ Built-in sound recording tool✔️ Built-in sound recording tool
✔️ Message types, default out of the box or custom✔️ Message types / Bubble text
✔️ Add external resource, media files, documents✔️ Add external resource, media files
✔️ Publish modes: Standalone Player, link to Existing LMS, Mobile Devices✔️ Publish modes: Standalone Player, LMS, HTML website
✔️ Clone capture mode [Ctrl]
✔️ Immersive learning environments/sandbox
✔️ Translation of content without the re-records
✔️ Anonymization of captured sensitive application data
✔️ Easy maintenance of content when things change

Want to know more about the conversion process?  Here are some of the frequently asked questions. 

What is the conversion process?

The conversion takes a UPK Try IT! mode, imports it into Assima’s authoring platform – and from that you can generate Assima training modes for learning and process guidance.

How quick is the conversion process?
An average length UPK simulation of 30 frames, takes just a few seconds to convert to Assima. An average project of 100 UPK simulations can be done within an hour.
Do I get the same output modes?

Yes. Assima offers the same simulation output modes with different names. See it, Try it, Do it, match to Demo, Practice, Evaluation and Sandox in Assima. You also get guidance modes, User Manual, Online Help and Synopsis in HTML or PDF format to support your business process needs, as well as a Task Assistant mode support you in-application.

Will I lose any existing functionality?

There may be some UPK features you use that aren’t available in Assima; check out our comparison chart for the full listing. But don’t let that stop you. We think the added features outweigh the losses!

Does the conversion process keep my UPK outline, module, topic structure?

Unfortunately not. The individual simulations are imported into Assima, and then a new module topic structure can be created using Assima’s course creation functionality.

What more can I do with Assima?

By migrating content to Assima, you can take advantage of Assima’s unique application clone authoring environment. Clone based content eases some of the trickier aspects of your training programs.

  • Deliver high-quality immersive learning, which yields better post-training performance
  • Deliver always-on interactive training environments, without the typical IT infrastructure and cost
  • Easily update content when things change, without time-consuming effort in re-records
  • Deliver content translated or localized for all your country or site variants, without time-consuming re-records for every language or location
  • Deliver content captured from live production systems if needed, with sensitive data anonymization

This isn’t the end of your journey. Make it a beginning. 

Book a demo with us now. It’s free.  

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