Immersive Learning from Assima Train

Providing highly realistic, virtual, interactive training environments

Train patented cloning technology creates a lifelike clone of your application screen that behaves and reacts like the live system. This allows your users to experience hands-on training in a simulated environment.

A Modern
to Training

Eliminate technical constraints and sandbox costs

Minimize costs and time requirements to maintain training content and data 

Reduce training time by 30%

Anonymize content to mitigate data risk and protect sensitive customer information

Localize the clone to create multilingual content

See it in Action

Provide highly realistic, interactive training environments

Train unique cloning technology creates a truly realistic virtual clone of your software application.

Need More Information?

Assima Train Data Sheet

"Assima Train is a virtual workspace for creating and deploying training, learning and support content in Assima’s cloud-based collaborative platform. With Train, authors can..."