Looking for the easiest way to train your employees remotely?

Choose Assima: A complete training solution.


Don’t let the current situation affect your business. Give your employees the right guidance and information with Assima, a complete, online training solution. Our solution has the ability to deliver the eLearning directly to your Learning Management System, or employees can also access the lessons directly from the Assima platform.

We are taking interactive learning to new heights with our Unique Cloning Technology that creates a lifelike clone of your application screen that behaves and reacts like the live system. Not only this improves user performance with our AI-powered Digital Coach, an intelligent overlay that adds information, process guidance, and data quality improvements. All in real-time.

Why choose Assima:

✔️ Learning on the go

✔️ Easy content creations & management

✔️ Data Anonymization

✔️ Multi-Language & Localization

✔️ Maintain Data Privacy & Integrity

✔️ 70% cost reduction

✔️ 50% faster training

We improve user performance and increase business efficiency since 2002.