Improve performance with our Digital Coach

An intelligent overlay that adds information,
process guidance and data quality improvements.
All in real time

Guide users through complicated situations, provide tips and support, detect anomalies, and more. Whatever the user encounters, you can be there to help them overcome the challenge.


Less Help Desk Calls


Higher User Satisfaction

Assima's Benefits Icon Learning on the go

Learning on the Go

Bite-size, right-size recommendations


Ensure Compliance

with local regulations

Assima's Benefits Icon

Accelerate User Adoption

at any point of the lifecycle

Reduce Cost

of maintaining dedicated training systems

From basic use to optimal performance

Our Digital Coach reduces in-application errors and compliance risk, training time, cost of support, as well as increase in revenue.

To reduce your costs, we make user adoption on all Information Systems easy, recommending the next best action based on the user’s role, system location and live context. All in real-time, at the point of need.

Unique patented Cloning Technology

Our unique patented cloning technology creates a lifelike clone of your application screen that behaves and reacts like the live system. This allows your users to experience hands-on training in a simulated environment.

Train employees faster, improve performance,
reduce costs and increase revenues.

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